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Jeff Derksen

Names, in alphabetical order, of the poets and writers whose work defines, as well as they can be defined, the writing practices, poetics and politics of the Kootenay School of Writing, many of whom have never actually been members of the KSW collective and several of whom would in fact disavow their past association with the KSW, but whose writings nevertheless first significantly emerged in the context of the school's activities.


Kathy Alexander

Catherine Bennett

Lary Bremner (Timewell)

Colin Browne

Hilary Clark

Susan Clark

Gerald Creede

Peter Culley

Peter Cummings

Kevin Davies

Dennis Denisoff

Jeff Derksen

Dan Farrell

Deanna Ferguson

Steven Forth

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk

Kathryn MacLeod

Robert Mittenthal

Lisa Robertson

Nancy Shaw

Colin Smith

Claire Stannard

Julia Steele

Doug Stetar

Christine Stewart

Catriona Strang

Calvin Wharton

Gary Whitehead

Lissa Wolsak

Friday, January 20, 2017
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